Looking Forward

Sunday January 26th 2014 one of the snowiest days this winter, NHL games being cancelled all over because of the weather and our mighty maroon and white still manage to make the 4 hour bus ride to play the North Bay Battalion. North Bay Memorial Gardens in front of 2968 fans, the official opening face off begins at 7:10 “buzzer sound”.

The Peterborough Petes apparently not starting off on the right foot when Nick Ritchie gets a tripping penalty only 38 seconds into the game. But our penalty kill team will be able to fight off the one-man disadvantage forcing the Battalion to get a penalty at 4:10. Now having the one-man advantage Michael Clarke is able to get the Petes on the board first with assists being given to Hunter Garlent and Nelson Armstrong. With less than 5 minutes left in the first period Josh Maguire wants to get in on his own action dropping the gloves with Alex Henriksson of North Bay. That will finish off the first period. Second period starts out with North Bay tying up the game at 6:06. And then our very own Connor Boland will take a kneeing penalty at 6:24, I remember listening to the game on my phone and the announcers had no idea what call they were going to make on this hit. They even replayed the action two or three times and couldn’t figure out what our captain had done, but a 2-minute kneeing penalty was the final decision of the referees. A little more then a minute later Matt Spencer will get a check from behind penalty; Peterborough now having a 5 on 3 for 53 seconds. Being able to fight that off well, the boys will be out shot during the second period 9-7 by the Battalion. With that we begin the final and third period of the night and Nick Ritchie wishing to out do himself again gets another penalty just 28 seconds into the period this time being an Interference on the Goaltender. With 39 minutes having been played this evening everyone on that ice is fighting to push through and get the win. North Bay pushing just a little bit harder then the Petes scoring 19:05 in the third period. So our boys have 55 seconds to tie up the game and force overtime, crazier things have happened right? Or not, North Bay will get an empty net goal 19:38 to give a final score of 3-1. A tough pill to swallow, and a long bus ride home after that one I have a feeling it was pretty quiet on the road home.

Stars of the Game

1. Nick Paul 21-NB
2. Jake Smith 1-NB
3. Vincent Praplan 10-NB

Now with 3 nights rest under the Petes hockey heads (Not counting Sunday night because it probably wasn’t too smooth) we turn the lights back on at the one and only Peterborough Memorial Centre. Tonight the “pesky” Ottawa 67’s as twitter calls them, playing them just 11 days ago winning 7-4 we face them again this time under our own roof. Playing in front of a crowd of 3173 the PMC being rather full on a Thursday night with the students in the area having a P.A. day on Friday. Puck Drops at 7:07 Thursday January 30th, and now the game begins. Matt McCartney starting off on his usual foot dropping the gloves with Connor Brown of Ottawa just 2:38 into the game. I actually wonder if this one was planned beforehand, now they would get into trouble for that and its not like Matt McCartney needs to have a fight planned he’ll find one of his own anyways. With those two in the penalty boxes in their time-outs, Cameron Lizotte decides that he wants to join his teammate and gets a boarding penalty just only 2:57 after puck drop. Just 3 minutes into the game, the Petes are giving Ottawa a very good chance to get on the board first but our penalty kill team won’t let that happen under their roof score stays even at 0. Until Nick Ritchie gets his first of the night at 11:49, assists going to Michael Clarke and Hunter Garlent (I did fail to mention something Stephen Nosad is still out with an upper body injury, and Jonatan Tanus waiting out his 8 game suspension). The second period being full of penalties three of which going to Ottawa and Peterborough only taking one… Cameron Lizotte getting into bigger troubles alongside John Urbanic both boys getting Misc-USC penalties at 6:59. We head into our final intermission with just 20 minutes left to play its a one goal hockey game, but Peterborough outshooting Ottawa 32-18. We begin again on fresh ice Josh MacDonald taking full advantage of home ice getting the puck from Greg Betzold and putting it behind Philippe Trudeau to put the Petes into a 2-0 lead just 1:19 into the third period. Michael Clarke getting himself another points in the stats and the Petes another goal on the scoreboard from Greg Betzold and Josh MacDonald at 6:16. Nick Ritchie will get his second of the game from Eric Cornel at 8:24. Ottawa’s Erik Bradford at 8:33 will get a 5 minute major Check to the Head penalty against him and a game misc-check to the head getting ejected from the game. Allowing Nick Ritchie to get his hat trick goal on the power play at 10:42 from Nelson Armstrong and Anthony Stefano. Unfortunately not being able to attend the game I’m not sure who got the check to the head, but here’s hoping that they are okay because we don’t need any more injury scratches. Josh Maguire will get in on the action getting the Petes their 6th goal at 14:01 from Steven Varga and Anthony Stefano. Nick Ritchie for some reason decides that after getting a hat trick his invincible but the referees don’t allow it and give him a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at 18:43 in the third period. So he will get a head start to the dressing room, all the showers to himself (lucky him). Well folks, there you have it a 6-0 win over the “pesky” Ottawa 67’s, another win in the books getting the Petes so close to breaking even on their wins/losses being 22-23-0-4. With a total of 48 points and sitting not too comfortably at 6th in the Eastern Conference.

Stars of the Game

1. Nick Ritchie 20-PBO
2. Andrew D’Agostini 30-PBO
3. Josh MacDonald 9-PBO

The upcoming week being a very busy one for our boys playing 4 games in 6 nights. Starting out with traveling to play Ottawa once again on Tuesday, and then Thursday is the Pink in the Rink night this year’s theme being “Daddy’s Girls” with the Honourary Chair people John Druce and Courtney Druce. John played 104 games for the Petes, and played 531 NHL games; his daughter Courtney is a four-time cancer survivor who writes a popular blog “Sassy blonde – Cancer be gone!”


Check it out for some awesome stories, and updates on the upcoming game 🙂

Born and raised in Peterborough Ontario Jessica van Staalduinen never would have imagined her career plans to be a professional sports photographer. In her early years she was known as the common “girly girl” and would have nothing to do with sports. Once Jessica’s brother and sister persuaded her to join the volleyball team, her mind was opened to the world of sports. Hockey was never one of her favourites, there was many times that she got into a lot of trouble because of teasing her sister about the wonderful world of ice hockey. Since her mind was set on being a photographer in the beginning of grade 12 she took it upon herself to contact the local OHL team’s photographer. Jessica’s reasoning for that was like any common girl; she became friends with a player on the team. She assumed that they must have a professional photographer at games, so therefore she took interest in shooting at a few games. After meeting with Ken Andersen (Peterborough Petes Professional Photographer/Getty Images) they had built quite a strong bond that lead to Jessica capturing almost every home game for the second half of the boys 2011-2012 season. From now on Jessica calls the Peterborough Petes OHL team her team, because once you find something that you love there is nothing that should stand in your way. Her knowledge for the team and understanding of what they are going through will be shown throughout all of the posts. The Peterborough Petes have gone through many changes since the beginning of her first season; from firing the GM, new head coaches, players asking for trades, and once the trade deadline came around they got a new face to the team.