First OHL Fight

Well, there is two ways to look at tonights game. 1. A good start to the upcoming week, and getting back on the right track. Or 2. An end to an awful weekend, and ready to be done. I personally would like to stick with number 1 sticking with the power of positive thinking on my end. So with that said and out in the air (well, more in cyber space) lets get set for the big rivalry game happening in the General Motors Centre in Oshawa. Our Peterborough Petes need to think more with positivity and not the negative junk they left on the ice last night. Okay, here’s the line-up gossip for tonight. Out of the line-up tonight is still Matthew Mancina (inj), Adam Timleck (injury from last nights game), and Eddie Schulz (heathly). So to the more important stuff for tonights game the starters will be Scott Smith in his first start in between the pipes for the maroon team, on the blue line is going to be Matt Spencer and Dominik Masin while taking the opening face-off a different line again is Eric CornelLogan DeNoble and Hunter Garlent.

Okay, time for the good stuff we begin the opening period with the Generals winning the face-off but the Petes will be able to challenge them into the Oshawa end. But Oshawa is able to keep control of the puck and put on some pressure in Peterborough’s end, but no shots on goal just yet. DREAM TEAM IS FINALLY BACK TOGETHER!!!! The Greg Betzold, Steve Lorentz and Jonathan Ang line is back together for the second shift for the Petes in tonights match-up. The Petes registered the first shot on goal and able to continue that venture with the third line-up in the mighty maroon and cream. Scott Smith getting a pretty easy shot for his first in the game, right into the bread basket and able to stop it. We are short a forward this evening with Adam Timleck and Eddie Schulz were both scratches, meaning that we aren’t short a man on the bench though because Nick Grima and Cole Fraser are both in tonight’s game. The Petes getting a good set up in front of Jeremy Brodeur. With a face-off in Oshawa’s end, and Domenic Commisso will get the boot and fall while leaving the face-off. Hahahaha too funny not to share! And the Generals will get the first of the night when Scott Smith gives a juicy rebound and might have lost track of the puck not without Kyle Jenkins help getting the puck out of the crease the first time but its Jack Studnicka who scores at 4:36. With the Petes looking to get themselves in the game will have a handful of good chances but nothing of the good stuff just yet. We’re off to the races with Sean Allen headed to the box for “roughing” at 7:42. The Petes getting the first power play of the game, which has gotten better as of late. So the PP squad on the ice now and getting set. But its looking like another regular Petes power play which really is just a building box for the 5 on 5 play. I SPOKE TOO SOON, its Jonathan Ang who ties up tonights game at 9:21 from Logan DeNoble. That is one we will take and add to our sad percentage. Okay, so now the play happening in 5 on 5 hockey is starting to get more physical as it should in a Oshawa vs. Peterborough game. The “fourth” line we will call it is looking like they have been working on their defensive game because that didn’t look like it was mostly rookie forwards out there. Riley Stillman will completely rock Hunter Garlent and lay him out flat. And listen to this!! Matt Timms our little number 4 will come in for his teammate and drop the gloves with Riley Stillman who will get a handful of punches in and Matt Timms will say I’ve had enough of this and go for the WWE take down. So the penalties on that one are at 13:00 Riley Stillman 5 minutes for “fighting”, Matt Timms 2 minutes for “instigating”, 5 minutes for “fighting” and a 10 minute “misconduct”. Who even knows what the misconduct was for, I would scratched the instigator penalty because the guy stepped up. We now see the Oshawa power play for the first time tonight and Scott Smith is LIGHTS OUT in this penalty kill with the defensive doing everything they can to help out their new goaltender. That penalty is killed off and the boys can add that to another percentage as well! I’m not hating this interesting line-up and game decisions. Josh Coyle is going to be called for “high sticking” at 16:57. So onto another penalty kill before we end off this first period. Bodies definitely flying and lots of chances for the Generals. Alexandre Renaud will regain Oshawa’s 1 goal lead at 18:43. My head hurts, that power play had the puck flying all over the place. Oshawa continuing to add pressure as the clock winds down.

Our second period is now starting and the Generals out shot the Petes in the opening period 17-8. 17 to 8, how is that possible? I’d say that the game was a lot more even then that! But oh well, we’re back to the action this Sunday evening and its Oshawa who is putting on early pressure. An early mistake when Logan DeNoble gets called for “tripping” at 0:55. Petes penalty kill back on the ice being 50% tonight, so here’s looking for the rest in the first intermission to do them good. The guys looking more active in this period, looking like they are tracking the puck more and keeping themselves in the game. Eric Henderson once the penalty expires will get the Generals to extend their lead at 3:00. So we are back to the game now with the lines starting to get the change up of course, head coach Jody Hull will do whatever he can to get his boys back in the win column. Hunter Garlent will help by getting his 31st of the game of the season at 4:22. So the score now reading 2-3 in favour of the bad guys, but the Petes not giving up and looking like they are they want to play. As much as I love seeing them play, I am getting nervous because our forwards are short benched so they could get tired real fast with back to back games. The Petes defensemen honestly look polar opposites from last night. Which is fantastic to see, but why is it happening now and not yesterday? I also sometimes wonder what is said between players on ice, sometimes it looks like they’re just joking around but I thought that last night and then there was a fight less than a minute afterwards. But sorry back to the action tonight is the Petes trying to bust threw and figure out what their game plan is. But the Generals looking as if they know before we do with picking pockets for the puck. After lots of action in the Oshawa end, its Daniel Robertson who tries to clear the puck but sends it into the stands receiving a “delay of game” penatlty at 9:34. Onto the power play now is the squad who figured it out last time are trying to get another one. The boys in maroon and cream try to get things going but unable to find the net right now, and unable to get one on the man advantage. Play not looking too pretty right now, with some scrappy plays happening all over the ice. An incredible chance in the Generals end with our rookies making a crazy play from Zach Gallant‘s shot giving a HUGE rebound and CJ Clarke just missing the puck to bury it in an open empty net. Oh thats so sad. So CLOSE. But we still have lots of action in the red end, and Steve Lorentz showing us that he was working out and improving his game the last 10 games. But the puck will find its way to the Petes end, and who even knows what happened but Eric Henderson getting his second of the night at 15:43. My goodness, okay lets get back to the good stuff the Petes getting another HUGE chance with Kyle Jenkins making a shot to the wrong side of the net but Logan DeNoble also able to get his stick on the puck… Jeremy Brodeur ROBS the mighty maroon and cream of a goal. Dream team back together now and its a good thing because the Petes aren’t giving up. Scott Smith is going to have an incredible save on Anthony Cirelli. But a delayed penalty will end the second period when Brandon Prophet is called for “hooking”.

The third period begins with a full 2 minutes on the power play for Oshawa, and the Petes having another penalty to kill off to keep themselves in tonights game. The Petes able to kill off the penalty and back to 5 on 5 hockey we go. The Petes now trying to get into the game and getting in some risky business. Now we get into more of the physical stuff trying to get the puck to stay on our sticks. And the Petes out shooting the Generals in this third period 4 minutes in 4-2, that shows how much they are working on trying to score. But Jeremy Brodeur isn’t giving up any chances and even after taking a big bump into the net there still won’t be a goal. I am starting to yell at the tv… Its beginning. A “hooking” penalty is called on Domenic Commisso at 8:09. The Petes after having so much control of the puck in this third period are now on the power play and bodies flying EVERYWHERE. That was a confusing opening to the power play. But the Petes still keeping control and getting some shots on goal with some tips in front of the net. Power play ending and the Petes unable to make one happening with the man advantage. Face-off in the Generals end and but the play doesn’t stay there long. There just seems to be a mass of bodies in front of the Generals net whenever the Petes are trying to shoot, and even though there would be a serious screen somehow Jeremy Brodeur is always able to find the puck. Mitchell Vande Somple will knock the net off with Greg Betzold and Mitchell Vande Somple will push Greg Betzold‘s glove further and FURTHER away from him. But Alexandre Renaud will actually go and grab Greg Betzold‘s glove and pass it to him. Mmm, I love sportsmanship like that. But we’ll see what happens when the puck is dropped. Oshawa Generals calling their timeout after being called for icing with just under 3 minutes left, meaning that they can change their line-up. Also meaning that head coach Jody Hull can make a gameplan because he will pull Scott Smith from the net at the same time. Its 6 on 5, and now Peterborough will use their timeout with 2:05 left in the game. But that will draw nothing good because the Generals’ captain Anthony Cirelli will looking like he’s just clearing the puck but will be able to get an empty net goal at 18:33.

Here’s my explanation for tonight’s game title it is Scott Smith‘s first OHL start in our 60th 2015-16 season, and it was Matt Timms first fight in tonights game.

Stars of the Game

1. Eric Henderson OSH – (19)
2. Anthony Cirelli OSH – (22)
3. Daniel Nikandrov PBO – (20)

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