Shut-up and Fish

Tonight our Peterborough Petes are taking on the Mississauga Steelheads at our Peterborough Memorial Centre. If you haven’t heard the song “Shut-up and Fish” by the beautiful Maddie & Tae then you need to take a listen, that’s where tonights title has come from. Out of the line-up this evening is going to be Cole Fraser (health) and Adam Timleck (inj). Starters for tonights game is Matthew Mancina in net, Matt Spencer and Dominik Masin on the blueline, while taking the opening face-off is going to be… the Josh’s Josh Coyle, Josh Maguire and Daniel Nikandrov.

Our first period and opening face-off is won by Daniel Nikandrov the overage forward as his final season is coming to an end. The Petes in their mighty maroon and white in this Saturday night match-up. This game is starting with energy from our Petes and the physical game from both teams is beginning early. The puck travelling to both ends of the ice and getting to the net for things to start happening. But Jack Flinn and Matthew Mancina are standing their ground to keep the puck from crossing their respective goal line. Its the blue team who will get on the board first with Sean Day getting the opening goal at 11:03. Matthew Mancina is going to be faced with a lot of shots during this opening period. The first penalty of the game is going to take a while to happen but it eventually does at 18:54 when Mississauga’s Daniel Muzito-Bagenda is called for “slashing”. The Petes getting the first power play of the game, will be a busy one with the Petes getting a bunch of shots on goals. Those shots will come to good use when Greg Betzold will tie up tonights game at 19:56 from Dominik Masin and Kyle Jenkins. That will close out the first period in tonights match-up.

Our second period will begin much like the first with Daniel Nikandrov once again winning the opening face-off. And once again Mississauga will get the first shot of the period. But Peterborough looking to put on more pressure then the first period. But the Steelheads aren’t making it easy in the PMC this evening. Greg Petzold getting a HUGE chance in front of Jack Flinn but unable to find number 40. The Petes getting another couple shots on goal before the blue team is able to clear the puck. But the Steelheads are able to carry the puck down to the Petes end only to have Matthew Mancina get a glove save. Josh Coyle getting a beautiful pass to Dominik Masin and he will put the puck into the pads of Jack Flinn. Its always funny listening to our Peterborough Petes announcers Pete Dalliday and Brian Drumm throughout the game, shoutout to them being awesome. But when you hear Brian Drumm call Jack Flinn a giraffe in the net reaching out to grab everything you laugh and think to yourself wow thats actually so true. But back to the game Jason Smith from the Steelheads will draw the second penalty of the game for “tripping” at 7:56. Giving the Petes a second power play in tonights game. But this power play will look like the one we have come to know this season lots of shooting the puck to EACH OTHER instead of the net. SO thats awesome fun to watch…NOT. Hunter Garlent is going to get the Petes first penalty for “slashing” at 11:58. The Steelheads now getting their first power play of the game, and one of their big guys Michael McLeod gets his 20th of the season at 13:12 on the PP. Matt Spencer with just under 2 minutes left in the second period will score, and the team will celebrate that goal. But the referees will go upstairs to check this one out, the decision will be made that it will be a high-stick and NO GOAL. And once again that will unfortunately do it for the second period not so much excitement.

We are at it for the third and final period in tonights matchup between the mighty maroon and white and the blue team. With that goal being disallowed the Steelheads lead this one 2-1. With 20 minutes left to play there is still lots of time for things to happen. And this won’t begin the way that we wanted it to with Mason Marchment scoring at 1:52. SO the Steelheads now having a 2 goal lead, but the Petes not giving up. 3:27 Jonathan Ang gets his 19th of the season from Dominik Masin and Greg Betzold. Making this a 1 goal game once again.  Hunter Garlent will follow that lead at 3:35 tying up tonights game from Eric Cornel and Nick Grima. Mississauga won’t like the look of the scoreboard now soHead coach of the Steelheads James Boyd will use his timeout with 16:25 left on the clock. The blue team’s Stephen Gibson will score at 4:19, so that timeout was well used for them. The first penalties of the third period will go to Brandon Prophet and Marcus Dickerson for “roughing” at 6:42. We will have some 4 on 4 hockey for 2 minutes now in the PMC. But Alexander Nylander at 7:20 will be called for “hooking”. The Petes now getting a power play out of that one. Our top line will be out for this power play, and it will be Hunter Garlent who will get the power play goal at 8:48 from Greg Betzold and Dominik Masin. Another tied up game tonight with the hockey gods shinning down on our Peterborough Petes. 11:12 left in tonights game, and the momentum is in favour of the Petes for sure! Daniel Muzito-Bagenda will be called for a “high sticking” penalty at 16:48, so the Petes will get another power play. 17:39 is when it will all come to an end with Hunter Garlent getting its second hat trick in two games from Dominik Masin and Eric Cornel. Thats it, the game winner from the big guy with the hot stick Hunter Garlent for a 5-4.

It will be only the 2nd time in the big 60th season that our Peterborough Petes will win a hockey game when being down after two periods. That will mean the boys being off tomorrow will most likely be going out tonight and partying hard to celebrate another big win.

Stars of the Game

1. Hunter Garlent PBO – (23)
2. Jack Flinn MISS – (32)
3. Greg Betzold PBO – (17)

Born and raised in Peterborough Ontario Jessica van Staalduinen never would have imagined her career plans to be a professional sports photographer. In her early years she was known as the common “girly girl” and would have nothing to do with sports. Once Jessica’s brother and sister persuaded her to join the volleyball team, her mind was opened to the world of sports. Hockey was never one of her favourites, there was many times that she got into a lot of trouble because of teasing her sister about the wonderful world of ice hockey. Since her mind was set on being a photographer in the beginning of grade 12 she took it upon herself to contact the local OHL team’s photographer. Jessica’s reasoning for that was like any common girl; she became friends with a player on the team. She assumed that they must have a professional photographer at games, so therefore she took interest in shooting at a few games. After meeting with Ken Andersen (Peterborough Petes Professional Photographer/Getty Images) they had built quite a strong bond that lead to Jessica capturing almost every home game for the second half of the boys 2011-2012 season. From now on Jessica calls the Peterborough Petes OHL team her team, because once you find something that you love there is nothing that should stand in your way. Her knowledge for the team and understanding of what they are going through will be shown throughout all of the posts. The Peterborough Petes have gone through many changes since the beginning of her first season; from firing the GM, new head coaches, players asking for trades, and once the trade deadline came around they got a new face to the team.