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Here we are in Barrie Ontario, taking on the Barrie Colts tonight with our Peterborough Petes looking to get another win. Tonight is the first time that both teams will meet up since the Cameron Lizotte and Brandon Prophet trade, it will be an interesting match up this evening. Out of the line-up will be Adam Timleck (inj) and Cole Fraser (health). While starters for tonight’s game is Matthew Mancina in between the pipes, Kyle Jenkins and Brandon Prophet on the blue line, and taking the opening face-off will be the “top” line Eric Cornel, Logan DeNoble and Hunter Garlent.

We begin the match-up this evening with Hunter Garlent winning the opening face-off and now the Petes get a big chance in front of MacKenzie Blackwood that chance was by former Colts player Brandon Prophet. Its now the Petes who are trying to play a defensive game which looks strong tonight. The dream team in their first shift tonight will test MacKenzie Blackwood more then he probably thought they would, that will draw at least 3 shots on goal. The Petes will be rewarded with a power play because Barrie’s Rasmus Andersson is called for “tripping” at 3:30. The power play squad out in the cream and maroon will fail early on with Justin Scott scoring at 3:59 short-handed. That will be the only excitement for the penalty. The Petes not really getting too many chances in front of the Colts net. The dream team back on the ice with 5 on 5 hockey, with the Petes in the blue end getting a couple chances but no pucks. Somehow  Zach Gallant will be on the boards with the puck and ends up on his butt and I don’t know what or how but when he gets back up he will still have the puck. That might be the best I’ve seen him play in quite sometime. Barrie’s Adrian Carbonara will make it a 2-0 game for the team in blue at 12:32.Rude. But the Petes not giving up and trying to keep the puck on their stick but not finding it very easily. Kevin LaBanc from the Colts will have an open net and put the puck 100% underneath Matthew Mancina only to have it come out the other side. Thank the hockey gods for that one. Cameron Lizotte now playing for the wrong team has blocked probably 4 shots now. The Colts’ Justin Scott will be called for “tripping” at 16:12. The Petes on their second power play now, the first one having the opposite effect of a power play. We head into the second one with the boys having a little bit more fire under their skates now. But the chances in front of the net are next to none with no lanes opening up for them to shoot. Kevin LaBanc will make up for his last shot by getting Barrie’s third of the night at 18:16.

Second period will begin with the Petes winning the face-off for a second time in tonights game. They actually will win back to back face-offs and try to get the puck into Barrie’s end but that is a failed attempt as they barely make it past the blue line. But its Barrie who will be putting on early pressure in the middle 20 minutes of play. Matthew Mancina being faced with multiple shots and having to show that he is awake now. MacKenzie Blackwood just knocked over Steve Lorentz when he was in the crease and the puck was rebounded out. HOW IS THAT ALLOWED?! What the buckets. Ugh. Anyways, so the Petes are in the Colts end and try to get some work done but nothing good comes of that. Barrie really is a very aggressive game and SO ANNOYING. Dominik Masin is going to be called for “interference” at 6:19. Barrie getting their first power play of the game now, and the Petes starting to get their gritt going in their play. But the boys are starting to block shots and get into between the blue jerseys. Justin Scott will get the puck in his jersey and you can see him get a little chill from the frozen puck. The Petes in the first 9 minutes of this second period will only register 2 shots on goal. The rookie line is struggling to get things going. A HUGE save by Matthew Mancina who completely robs a the colts player on a breakaway. The Petes aren’t really able to get things working smoothly tonight. Its Hunter Garlent who is called for a “slashing” at 12:40. The Colts onto another power play now and the Petes looking VERY frustrated with the way things are going. Another former Peterborough Petes player Anthony Stefano playing the first line in the Barrie power play. Daniel Nikandrov doing some good work to kill off the penalty in Barrie’s end. The Petes able to kill off another penalty in tonights northern match-up. The dream team getting an amazing chance int Barrie’s zone but Greg Betzold will just miss getting a proper shot with the time he was given. Kevin LaBanc will be called for a “hooking” penalty at 17:51. So the Petes after getting a little bit more built together will be now on the power play, here’s hoping that something good will happen. Another shorthanded goal for the Colts with Andrew Mangiapane at 18:56. Lucky for Matt Spencer who is used to how Anthony Stefano plays will be able to get in-between the pass to break up a third shorthanded goal. And that will do it for the unexcitement in the second period.

Third period beginning now won AGAIN by the Petes so here goes nothing and everything left in the tanks tonight. But its Jonathan Ang will be called for “delay of game” at 1:25. Nick Grima will be caught with a puck going out of play in the Petes bench and he will be a little shaken up… Fingers crossed that he’s okay. The Petes are able to kill off another penalty, so it apparently only when Barrie has a penalty that they score. Nick Grima will come on the ice after that connection with the puck. This third period is about as slow as a turtle crossing the road. Okay right now, the rookie line is playing the MOST out of everyone. FINALLY Logan DeNoble will finds the back of the net on his second try in a row at 9:41. Steve Lorentz will find the puck in the front of Barrie’s net but MacKenzie Blackwood will see that puck. Keegan Goetz “boarding” penalty at 10:25. The Petes back on the power play now and we’re hoping that the puck finds the back of Barrie’s net. But that will do it for the power play, that won’t do it for the shots on goal. Matt Spencer has a huge wind up with a beautiful shot and ironically it will be redirected by Cameron Lizotte at 12:30, the real assists go to Logan DeNoble and Jonathan AngDylan Sadowy is called for “slashing” at 13:20. Steve Lorentz gets a big breakaway with Logan DeNoble finding the back of his net with his body not the puck. Logan DeNoble and Kevin Webster will both go for “roughing” at 14:33. A unnecessary delay of game with the timekeeper having trouble telling time, and the struggle bus is so REAL right now trying to put the Petes penalty on the board. The Petes have to thank Matthew Mancina for keeping them in this game tonight. That power play will go broken up and loose a lot of energy for our boys. Kevin Webster will be called for “cross checking” at 18:33. Petes call the timeout with 1:27 left in the game. Matthew Mancina is on the bench to give the Petes 6 on 4, and the weirdest bounce almost makes it in the Petes end. But ANOTHER shorthanded goal goes to Andrew Mangiapane who is given the puck to score his 50th of the season on the empty net at 19:47.

Stars of the Game

1. Andrew Mangiapane BAR – (26)
2. Justin Scott BAR – (17)
3. Adrian Carbonara BAR – (20)

Born and raised in Peterborough Ontario Jessica van Staalduinen never would have imagined her career plans to be a professional sports photographer. In her early years she was known as the common “girly girl” and would have nothing to do with sports. Once Jessica’s brother and sister persuaded her to join the volleyball team, her mind was opened to the world of sports. Hockey was never one of her favourites, there was many times that she got into a lot of trouble because of teasing her sister about the wonderful world of ice hockey. Since her mind was set on being a photographer in the beginning of grade 12 she took it upon herself to contact the local OHL team’s photographer. Jessica’s reasoning for that was like any common girl; she became friends with a player on the team. She assumed that they must have a professional photographer at games, so therefore she took interest in shooting at a few games. After meeting with Ken Andersen (Peterborough Petes Professional Photographer/Getty Images) they had built quite a strong bond that lead to Jessica capturing almost every home game for the second half of the boys 2011-2012 season. From now on Jessica calls the Peterborough Petes OHL team her team, because once you find something that you love there is nothing that should stand in your way. Her knowledge for the team and understanding of what they are going through will be shown throughout all of the posts. The Peterborough Petes have gone through many changes since the beginning of her first season; from firing the GM, new head coaches, players asking for trades, and once the trade deadline came around they got a new face to the team.