Generals Outburst

Well I don’t know about you but this day light savings time has hopefully changed the daylight in the Petes eyes after last nights train wreck. I’m sorry, I’ll be honest. A big rivalry comes to an end this season with the Petes playing their last game at the General Motors Centre taking on of course the Oshawa Generals. Out of the line-up tonight is Adam Timleck (inj), and Nick Grima (health). Starters for tonights game is excitingly Dylan Wells in between the pipes, Dominik Masin and Matt Spencer on the blue line, and taking the opening face-off is still the Josh’s Josh Maguire, Josh Coyle and Daniel Nikandrov.

Our opening period begins with the boys in the mighty maroon and cream jerseys tonight. But the boys look like they have remembered to do warm up tonight, and get rid of the bus legs from last night. Jonathan Ang gets the boys on the board first at 1:28. PETES ON THE BOARD! Yaysies, onto the races tonight. The boys looking like they have shaken off last nights garbage, and onto the new game. Because the puck is moving more easily and the passes are getting crisper. Bodies are FLYING of course with an Oshawa vs Peterborough game. The defensive plays are even looking better backing up their goaltender tonight Dylan Wells. 5 minutes into the game and the Petes have the only shots on goal in their feels early match up. Dylan Wells now being tested and he’s looking fresher then fresh cut fruit bowls. Yeah, I went there. The dream team still together to get business going won’t get a great chance on that shift. Brandon Prophet sacrificing body for puck and a little bit slow to get up but Dylan Wells gives him a little tap on the butt with his stick to say “you got this bro”. Wowsa, who knows how this post is going to end up. First penalty of the game is to Mitchell Vande Sompel heading to the box for “cross checking” at 9:52. So the Generals best penalty kill personal is now in the box, lucky for us to get things going. Greg Betzold gets a power play goal after a LOT of shots on goal, and even more rebounds assists going to Dominik Masin and Kyle Jenkins at 11:01. Well that was quick Josh Maguire will bank the Petes 3rd goal on 7 shots unassisted at 11:30. Justin Nichols now going in net for the Generals as Jeremy Brodeur is going to be sitting on the bench. Cole Fraser gets in the way of a rebound shot, and Dylan Wells is literally on his back for that one! So good work boys! So much action in front of the Petes net. And Matt Spencer will lose his stick in the Zamboni doors and have a HUGE block for one of the shots and after that happens Jonathan Ang will give Matt Spencer his stick but action still continues. So Jonathan Ang will pick up the loose stick on the ice to be able to continue. But the boys will ice the puck and have to stay on the ice for a face-off in their own end. And holy crap do they ever look pooched. Holy it won’t be boring first period for our Peterborough Petes!

Here we go in the second period now, but after the goaltender change for the Generals the Petes weren’t able to find any holes. But at the same time Dylan Wells also keeping the puck out of his net for a full 20 minutes. I don’t know why but it seems like the boys are standing around for a LONG time before we get the puck to the center, but here goes nothing. We begin the second with Oshawa winning the opening face-off. But the Petes able to snag the puck and take it down to the Oshawa end. So many icings without cake, but the Petes still can’t win the face-off in their own end. I’m loving the amount of Petes jerseys in the stands tonight, personally tonight I am wearing my home made shirt jersey to the man in power tonight Dylan WellsOshawa trying to put on more pressure being down 3-0 but the Petes not really giving them the chance to do so. I don’t know why or what team was playing last night but it sure as hell isn’t the same on that suited up tonight. Petes not afraid to be icing the puck from their own end to settle things down, and although Oshawa tries to do something. Greg Betzold won’t help when he is called for a “slashing” penalty at 2:37. The Petes penalty kill now and that squad is looking like they talked about their squad goals last night. No pun intended. But the boys in maroon tonight are able to kill off the penalty and do good work with the clock going down. Generals think they have gotten one, but Dylan Wells not giving up the rebound on that action in front of the net. Referee blows the whistle just in time before the puck is pushed out from underneath Dylan Wells. Petes going back to the power play now because Kyle MacLean is called for “slashing” at 6:01. The second power play now for the good guys and being 1 for 1 with the first one that should be a good confidence boost going into the second. Its the second power play line on the ice because the top line was out for the penalty. The puck is winding more then a yoyo going round and round on the ice with this man advantage. The first power play line is on the ice now, and this time the puck is able to stay inside the Generals blue line. But lots of passes happening too often, Eric Cornel makes a nice diving play to get the puck away from his blue line. But that power play will go unused but the scoreboard still reads 3-0 in favour of the good guys. The fourth line stresses me out because for some reason head coach Jody Hull likes to put out Cole Fraser and Matt Timms out with our rookie forwards line. SO literally the most a player has played then is almost two seasons. But back to action now and the Petes keeping control of the puck more often then not because they are playing there game tonight. Chippiness starting to come out and of course its starting to look more like a classic Oshawa vs Peterborough game. 13 minutes into the second period and the Generals have not recorded any shots on goal, they may have missed some because Dylan Wells has had to touch the puck a few times. Oshawa won’t help themselves because “tripping” will be the call on Domenic Commisso at 13:55. Good hustle and back check that draws that penalty so Jody Hull will be happy with that one. The power play squad on the ice and a handful of shots on goal. But Jonathan Ang is put to the sin bin for “interference” 14:39. That is an aggressive check and a good call by the referees. 4 on 4 hockey now and the Generals trying to put on pressure now but the boys in maroon aren’t giving up anything. We have a hockey game, well we have for a long time but action increasing in front of both nets now. That Oshawa power play at the tail end of the action will give Mitchell Vande Sompel and the Generals 1 on the board at 16:20. Rats. The next goal to be made was going to be the most important, that doesn’t mean that its makes any less of the hockey being played tonight. The rookie line getting a big chance in front of Justin Nichols but unable to find the end of the pass. Josh Maguire is going to regret that one because he will be called for “delay of game” at 19:07. Generals back on the power play with the last one having given them life in tonights game. But the good guys aren’t sitting back anymore because they are killing off this penalty like they know they can.

1:08 left on the power play for the boys in blue to start out the third period, but with the rest of the good guys legs this will be an interesting last 20 minutes of play. The Petes looking to kill as much time as possible beginning this period. The Generals set up the play that they wanted but Dylan Wells showing that he used that intermission well to keep the puck out of his net. Power play over for Oshawa and the Petes thinking that they need to get they game back in play. Winning the face-off in their own end but will have their pockets picked once they get past the Generals blue line. Petes applying lots of pressure in front of Justin Nichols who has been perfect since coming into the game just past the half way point in the first period. But the good guys aren’t sitting back on the bench and showing that they are still in it to win it tonight. Passes on either side are being interrupted rudely all over the ice. Dylan Wells gives up a rebound on a good shot but able to cover it up just in time. Rookie line getting more time on the ice once again and able to set up a couple shots during that shift. Whenever someone goes into the boards I always cringe a little bit but unfortunately it was an Oshawa player so I’m not too concerned. The Generals trying to show that it is their house but good job for the Petes to stick their ground and prove that they are in it to win it tonight. Dylan Wells once again will be sitting on the puck to close his eyes and hope for a whistle sooner rather then later. Dylan Wells looking like he is playing a defensive position with the contact and action inside the blue paint in this third period. But that puck ain’t crossing any important lines. The Petes thinking that the rest of this game as we reach the half way point in the third period will be mostly defensive play instead of trying to be an offensive team. Boys blocking shots left right and center tonight looking like they know what they are doing. Hunter Garlent showing that he is an overage player making all sorts of moves around Justin NicholsMitchell Vande Sompel proves that he has a right to be getting as much ice time as he gets getting Oshawa’s 2nd of the night at 14:40. So just over 5 minutes left to play and that might be a lot longer because Sam Harding spins and fires to tie up the game at 15:22. Timeout for Peterborough now trying to make a game plan to shift gears into offence. The GM Centre is completely booming tonight and the Petes thinking that they need to get back to the way they played for first period. 16-4 shots on goal in this third period, in favourite of the Generals. The Petes still trying to get in the offensive game with the clock winding down. Well 60 minutes won’t be enough for this rivalry game tonight. We’re off to overtime.

Overtime 3 on 3 hockey is set to begin and the Petes haven’t been in this situation for a little while so here goes everything left in the tanks. Eric Cornel is going to get the first chance of this extra time, but Justin Nichols will glove that shot down. Ouch, if that was me there would be a bruise on my hand from grabbing down that shot. Steve Lorentz is going to be get tangled up on the boards so the other 16 Riley Stillman gets a little bit of a breakaway. Greg Betzold has a HUGE breakaway, like the only other body inside the half line is Justin Nichols, and Greg Betzold FAILS hard. 2 minutes left in overtime and there hasn’t been a whistle to have a stoppage of play. And the only stoppage is 4.2 seconds left in the game. Its off to a shootout now

Round 1
OSH – Anthony Cirelli – NO GOAL
PBO – Steve Lorentz – NO GOAL

Round 2
OSH – Mitchell Vande Sompel – NO GOAL
PBO – Hunter Garlent – NO GOAL

Round 3 
OSH – Kenny Huether – will go upstairs… NO GOAL
PBO – Greg Betzold – NO GOAL

ROund 4
OSH – Jalen Smereck – GOAL
PBO – Eric Cornel – NO GOAL

Stars of the Game

1. Mitchell Vande Sompel OSH – (58)
2. Greg Betzold PBO – (17)
3. Kyle MacLean OSH – (17)

Born and raised in Peterborough Ontario Jessica van Staalduinen never would have imagined her career plans to be a professional sports photographer. In her early years she was known as the common “girly girl” and would have nothing to do with sports. Once Jessica’s brother and sister persuaded her to join the volleyball team, her mind was opened to the world of sports. Hockey was never one of her favourites, there was many times that she got into a lot of trouble because of teasing her sister about the wonderful world of ice hockey.

Since her mind was set on being a photographer in the beginning of grade 12 she took it upon herself to contact the local OHL team’s photographer. Jessica’s reasoning for that was like any common girl; she became friends with a player on the team. She assumed that they must have a professional photographer at games, so therefore she took interest in shooting at a few games. After meeting with Ken Andersen (Peterborough Petes Professional Photographer/Getty Images) they had built quite a strong bond that lead to Jessica capturing almost every home game for the second half of the boys 2011-2012 season.

From now on Jessica calls the Peterborough Petes OHL team her team, because once you find something that you love there is nothing that should stand in your way. Her knowledge for the team and understanding of what they are going through will be shown throughout all of the posts. The Peterborough Petes have gone through many changes since the beginning of her first season; from firing the GM, new head coaches, players asking for trades, and once the trade deadline came around they got a new face to the team.