Hoppy Floppy Easter!

Welcome back to the Memorial Gardens in North Bay, where our Petes are taking on the Battalion for Game 2 in our Round 1 OHL Playoffs 2016. Game 1, was better than some expected but wasn’t what us Petes fans were hoping for. BUT this afternoon the bunnies will be in our favour and the boys in maroon are rested and ready to go! Starters for tonights game will be Matthew Mancina getting his second start in playoffs, Matt Spencer and Dominik Masin on the blue line, and taking the opening face-off tonight the hot sticks of Logan DeNoble, Eric Cornel and Hunter Garlent.

Petes win the opening face-off and we’re off to the races. The Petes getting the first shot away, but North Bay isn’t sitting back they will get the puck and start their game. You can tell that its playoffs by the way that bodies are already flying into the boards. It seems as though head coach Jody Hull has maybe changed up the forwards lines a bit again, because who knows whats happening. Zach Gallant shows he wants to be there, Kyle Wood going into the boards with an incredible hit and finished check from Zach Gallant. The passes looking crisp tonight between the mighty maroon and cream tonight. A big tip in front but Matthew Mancina able to see that from afar and keep it out of his net with his mask/neck. Jonathan Ang tries to rebuttal but Jake Smith gets the glove up to make the save for North Bay. The puck doing some bouncing between teams making this an interesting game to watch because both teams are playing some excellent hockey. 1 of the 2 Peterborough natives on the North Bay team Max Kislinger is playing some chippy shots in front of Matthew Mancina but that puck won’t cross any lines. It really bugs me when the Petes are fighting with each other for the puck, or they check into their line mates. That just shows they aren’t paying enough attention to their surrounds. Now that we are in playoffs you can kinda see why the coaching staff are picking Nick Grima to be in the line-up more often then not. Greg Betzold getting a big chance with a huge shot on goal with a juicy rebound that isn’t able to find the back of the net. Its almost looking like a Petes power play and SOMEHOW they can’t get the puck in the net. So many chances right there, and so much open net for them to find but the North Bay players are able to get in the way tonight. Whistle goes for the tv timeout in our opening period this afternoon, and there is a little bit of a pile of players along the boards with I’m sure some choice words being said. Josh Maguire really takes so many hits and so much roughness but lucky for us he’s able to take it and dish it out himself. North Bay able to get rewarded for going to the net with Maurizio Colella getting the Battalion on the board at 16:22. Petes looking a little deflated after that goal but they aren’t giving up the top line logging LOTs of minutes so far. Hunter Garlent will get the first penalty of the game for “tripping” at 17:20. Oops on that one, now onto the penalty kill! The boys penalty kill was 5 for 5 on Friday night here’s hoping that we continue that streak. It wouldn’t happen without Matthew Mancina working as hard as he does in between the pipes. Brandon Prophet blocks a BIG open shot as the penalty comes to an end. Here’s hoping he’s okay…Not an easy trip to the bench. The guy who is lights out so far in this round Logan DeNoble is able to tie up tonights game just before the buzzer goes to end out the first period. That Petes goal by the big man himself Logan DeNoble is at 19:49 and the assists going to Eric Cornel and Kyle Jenkins.

Starting the second period the favour is in the Petes zone because of the late tying goal in the first. North Bay winning the face-off at center ice. Brandon Prophet as expected is back on the ice, and looking like he was able to shake off the sting during the first intermission. Peterborough after that intermission also look like they have made some plans and made some changes to their game even more. The rink long passes are becoming a thing for our boys tonight, awesome to see when they are able to find the right player on the other end of the pass. A play in the North Bay has the whole Petes bench thinking that a beautiful feed pass from Eric Cornel to Hunter Garlent stick puts the puck in the back of the net. But nothing was called at ice level, and this game hasn’t had too many whistles so its been almost 3 minutes waiting for a stoppage of play to go upstairs. Matthew Mancina covering up the puck to finally get a whistle. IT LOOKS LIKE A GOAL, in and out quicker than the shot itself. And when they go upstairs the clock will go back to 15:03, AND ITS A GOAL! Hunter Garlent getting the goal, while Eric Cornel and Matt Spencer getting the assist at 4:57. The Petes lead this afternoon’s game, for the first time in this round of playoffs. The Petes on a mission now, and looking like they are finding each other with EVERY pass they make. North Bay are trying too hard right now, and falling all over the ice. I’m loving the fact that Adam Timleck is back in the line-up for the second game in a row, he missed a LONG stretch from injury. Now its Zach Gallant who draws a delayed penalty when he’s taken to the ice and looses his helmet but head trainer Brian Miller looks at him on the bench and seems to be okay. Zach Poirier is called for a “check to the head” penalty at 8:01. Petes power play on the ice now and looking like they want more in the back of the net. Jonathan Ang taking advantage of a miscue and stretching the Petes lead to 2 on the power play, assists going to Greg Betzold and Dominik Masin at 9:36. Another stoppage of play because Matthew Mancina needing some more work done to his helmet. They are loosing their marbles, haha. Or screws for the mask. Matthew Mancina is now taking Dylan Wells helmet to wear while his is being fixed. Matthew Mancina NOT happy about that choice, but what else can you do when theres damage. Hunter Garlent is incredible with the way he can get through players and get into good scoring chances but Jake Smith able to keep the puck out on that sorta breakaway. Matthew Mancina on the other hand kinda sorta looks like a bobble head, but he is able to get his own mask back now. We have some offsetting penalties Dominik Masin and Mathew Santos both getting “roughing” penalties at 14:26. With lots of ice opening up the players are going end to end with the 4 on 4. Its Greg Betzold who receives an incredible pass from Hunter Garlent to put the puck in the back of the net. That goal goes to Greg Betzold at 17:14 from Hunter Garlent. We’ve got ourselves a HOCKEY game! Brandon Prophet called for “high sticking” at 18:17. So the captain of North Bay will get his team back in this with with Mike Amadio getting the power play goal at 19:13. But before we close out the second period is Riley Bruce called for a “check to the head” at 19:38. That does it for the second, we’re off to the well deserved intermission for the boys in maroon.

Fresh legs out for this Petes power play and it begins with Eric Cornel rings one off the post. Sometimes the boys stress me out with how they are protecting their net. North Bay just looking to kill off this penalty but the good guys want something to happen; unfortunately that man advantage will go unused. We’re back to full strength now, and the Memorial Gardens is BOOMING with fans this afternoon. Steve Lorentz has another chance in front of the Battalion net but just puts the puck over the net, wowsa that would have been nice! North Bay battling with the Petes defencemen in front of the Peterborough net. But Matt Timms will take an open ice hit just in inside the Battalion blue line, he’s slow to slide to the bench but looks okay. Almost all the forwards in this second game have really amped up their game compared to the first. A couple punches thrown are the whistle and after Matthew Mancina makes a big stop. BOOYAH! Steve Lorentz is able to finish off the play and finds the back of the NET at 6:09 from the guy who did a lot of work on the boards Jonathan Ang. A punishing check on Josh Maguire who’s unable to get the shot away because there’s Zach Poirier on top of him. But hey that doesn’t stop the Petes from continuing their fight, the puck is in North Bay’s end more often then not right now. Matthew Mancina looking like he’s ready for a long deserved sleep on the way home this afternoon. The other Peterborough native Jacob Ball getting lots of ice time with the third line for the Battalion, looking very comfortable. Some punches thrown, Brandon Prophet and Brett McKenzie both get “roughing” at 9:58. Zach Poirier is called for “check to the head” at 9:58 Petes power play looking like they can’t buy a goal. And another penalty being called when Matt Spencer is taken down Zach Shankar gets the power play penalty at 11:32 for “slashing”. But with that delayed penalty its Dominik Masin who takes the brunt of a blindside hit into the face, needing Brian Miller head trainer to come onto the ice to help out. So the boys have a bit of a 5 on 3 now, and then a real power play extended! But that doesn’t stop the physical game from stopping. So after Kyle Jenkins and Mathew Santos go into the boards wrestling, theres a little bit of a line brawl after the whistle. Please bare with me as I try to explain all of the penalties that just happened, because somehow North Bay have a 4 minute power play. LIKE WHAT? Kyle Jenkins gets “slashing” and “roughing” which is the 4 minute power play. Hunter Garlent and Mathew Santos both get 2 minutes for “roughing”. Dominik Masin gets “slashing”, “roughing” and a 10 minute “misconduct”. Riley Bruce gets a double 2 minutes “roughing” and a 10 minute “misconduct”. All happening at 13:20. With a rebound off the glove its Steve Harland who get North bay’s 3rd on the power play at 16:19. Timeout called with 2:51 left in the game, Battalion win the face-off and its an empty net for the green team. 6 on 5 and the Petes are trying so hard to get the puck into the empty net. But North Bay not giving in to giving up. And its Matt Santos who is called for “high sticking” at 18:52 giving the Petes a power play as the clock slowly is winding down. And Eric Cornel will miss the empty net after North Bay tries to get to the Petes end which is how the net becomes empty again. Mike Amadio is called for a “check from behind” at 19:43. What is happening, this is NUTS. But the clock will finally give up and the Petes will take this one 5-3, heading into game 3 and 1st at the Peterborough Memorial Centre with BODIES FLYING and anger building up. But the series now at 1-1.

Stars of the Game 

1. Hunter Garlent PBO – (23)
2. Mike Amadio NB – (18)
3. Greg Betzold PBO – (17)

Born and raised in Peterborough Ontario Jessica van Staalduinen never would have imagined her career plans to be a professional sports photographer. In her early years she was known as the common “girly girl” and would have nothing to do with sports. Once Jessica’s brother and sister persuaded her to join the volleyball team, her mind was opened to the world of sports. Hockey was never one of her favourites, there was many times that she got into a lot of trouble because of teasing her sister about the wonderful world of ice hockey. Since her mind was set on being a photographer in the beginning of grade 12 she took it upon herself to contact the local OHL team’s photographer. Jessica’s reasoning for that was like any common girl; she became friends with a player on the team. She assumed that they must have a professional photographer at games, so therefore she took interest in shooting at a few games. After meeting with Ken Andersen (Peterborough Petes Professional Photographer/Getty Images) they had built quite a strong bond that lead to Jessica capturing almost every home game for the second half of the boys 2011-2012 season. From now on Jessica calls the Peterborough Petes OHL team her team, because once you find something that you love there is nothing that should stand in your way. Her knowledge for the team and understanding of what they are going through will be shown throughout all of the posts. The Peterborough Petes have gone through many changes since the beginning of her first season; from firing the GM, new head coaches, players asking for trades, and once the trade deadline came around they got a new face to the team.